Internal start-up financing to coordinate EU projects

The Technical University of Munich awards university funding to those preparing to submit a proposal in order to coordinate projects as part of the Horizon 2020 EU framework program on research and innovation.

 An amount of €10,000 can be requested from the university administration through the TUM ForTe international research funding team. Once approved, this start-up financing is issued in two disbursements, regardless of progress on submitting the proposal.

Start-up financing for coordinating EU projects is awarded

  • if the applicant contacted TUM ForTe for approval of their proposal at least 6 weeks prior to submitting the proposal, the proposal has been successfully submitted (step 1 if a 2-step process) and no other financial support is secured through third parties (e.g. EuroTech Universities, BayFOR (BayIntAn)), and then in an amount of €5,000;
  • the proposal has been reviewed positively (step 2 if a 2-step process), and then in an amount of €5,000.

Please inform the TUM ForTe international research funding team as early as possible of your plans to prepare an EU project in order to ensure optimum support.

Proposal (PDF, 165 KB, in german only)