TUM virtual Research Opportunities Week 2021 and Destination TUM – Doctoral Week

Research Opportunities Week (12-16 April 2021)

This year the Research Opportunities Week (ROW) will be held virtually for early career researchers from all over the world who want to do a postdoc at TUM. Participants will get the unique opportunity to meet and network with TUM professors & researchers at the virtual Career Opportunities Fair. Furthermore, participants get the chance to inform themselves about postdoc funding opportunities in Germany, and to join inspiring talks and webinars. Participation is free for all selected participants. After the ROW, participants have the opportunity to apply for a prestigious two-year fellowship at TUM.

In the following link you can find detailed information as well as access to the registration form:


Destination TUM - Doctoral Week - Virtual Career Opportunities Fair (13-14 April 2021)

All researchers at TUM are kindly invited to join the Career Opportunities Fair as part of the virtual Research Opportunities Week and the DestinationTUM – Doctoral Week to engage with Master graduates and early career postdocs interested in conducting research at TUM. The Career Opportunities Fair offers you the possibility to get a fair booth for your group, chair, institute or collaborative research project where you can interact with the participants by chat or video call. The conversations at the booth are intended as an initial introduction and networking to identify potential candidates for your group or project, but are in no way obligatory. Hence, please feel free to join the event also if you do not have any open positions in near future.

In the following link you can find detailed information as well as access to the registration form:


DestinationTUM – Doctoral Week: In parallel to the Research Opportunities Week, the virtual DestinationTUM – Doctoral Week will be held for external Masters graduates who are interested in doing their full-time doctoral research at TUM.

Detailed information here: