TUM Technology Transfer

Ideas and inventions developed by the Technical University Munich (TUM) are key contributors to technological and social progress. The department for Technology Transfer of the TUM ForTe Office for Research and Innovation establishes ties between the industry and researchers from TUM.

A vital part of these activities is the commercialization of ideas and inventions developed by TUM researchers, which is managed according to the TUM IP policy. In most cases, the commercialization is executed alongside an exploitation partner who further fosters the integration of the technology and/or develops a new product, procedure, service, process or tool.

TUM Patents and Licenses actively markets technologies in many different fields and is responsible for the negotiation of contracts (confidentiality clause, options and licensing as well as takeover agreements) on behalf of the TUM. Current technologies available for commercialization can be viewed here. TUM Patents and Licenses welcomes any enquiry or discussion with interested parties.