Patents & Licenses

We provide the following services to all TUM members who intend to apply for a patent for an interesting idea, a project at developmental stage, or a finished product:

Within the framework of collaboration of Bavarian universities and Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH, we provide:

  • Free assessment of your invention in terms of patentability and patent merit requirements
  • Free filing of a patent application by TUM if the invention is considered patentable
  • Financing, coordination and monitoring of the patenting process
  • Commercialization of the invention/the patent in collaboration with the inventor and "Bayerische Patentallianz"

The royalty proceeds will be split between the inventor, TUM, the TUM department/institute concerned, and "Bayerischen Patentallianz". Pursuant to section 42 of the German Employees’ Inventions Act, the inventor will receive 30% of the gross commercialization income.

Please don't hesitate to approach one of our contact persons according to the following assignment table: