Technology Validation Programms

TUM has developed a new instrument to support entrepreneurship in the area of food, nutrition and agriculture: the Bridge-to-Innovation Grant. The Bridge-to-Innovation Grant supports TUM Researchers that want to transfer the best innovative technology ideas from their lab to the market.


Bridge-to-Innovation Grant

TUM offers up to 50k € within one year (max. 45.000€ for your project and max. 5.000€ for the hosting Chair), to bring your scientific idea from the lab to the market, in the area of food, nutrition and agriculture. The Bridge-to-Innovation Grant will support the most innovative technologies with the aim to reach a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5-6 (technology validated and demonstrated in relevant environment).

You can appy if:

  • You have an technology/idea in the area of food, nutrition and agriculture
  • You want to work on a proof of concept for an existing or a new technology with Technology Readiness Level (TRL) < 4 with the aim and the potential to reach a TRL = 5-6. You might have the option to use this idea as basis for an EIT Food Project application later on
  • You are an employee of the Technical University of Munich
  • You have a host Chair supporting you (compensation to the Chair for administrative tasks might reach up to 5.000 € from the total 50.000 € of the Grant)

What is the process ?

Step 1: Send the following documents to (subject: “Bridge-to-Innovation”)

  • Two-pager (word file) to describe your project including description of your idea, problem/solution fit, USP/the innovation, target group, market estimation and IP-strategy
  • One-pager describing the current status of the development and how do you plan to increase your technology to TRL5 or 6 as well as a rough strategy for a further development of the product (TRL > 7)
  • Detailed financial calculations (in an excel file) and a time scale to show us how you would use the 50k funding
  • A letter stating that you will be supported by a Chair/Institute of TUM

Step 2:  An expert jury will evaluate your proposal and select the best projects

For questions, please contact