Workshops for Postdocs

The TUM Talent Factory invites postdoctoral researchers at TUM to participate in a series of workshops which are designed specifically to enhance research and transferable skills of postdoctoral researchers. Generally our program includes both on-site as well as online events. However, currently due to Covid-19 restrictions the workshop format is online. 

We particularly recommend you to take part in workshops which go beyond your day-to-day research and e.g. to learn more about topics like science communication, teamwork or conflict negotiation. Most workshops are designed for early to mid-career postdocs, but we have added various workshops specifically for advanced postdocs and research group leaders, particularly the TUM Junior Fellows.

If you have any questions, please contact us via Sign up tor our Postdoc Mailinglist to stay informed about upcoming workshops and other calls & offers relevant for postdocs.

Registration & Deadlines: You can register for the workshops by filing our registration form.

The registration deadline for most workshops ended in December 2020. Please find underneath information on the status of upcoming workshops and waiting list or free spots for additional offers. The new programm for the summer semester will be announced in March 2021. 

All workshops are conducted in English and free of charge. The selected applicants are expected to participate in the entire workshop.

Also consult our Broschure for get an overview of all Postdoc workshops and Postdoc101 talks during the winter semester​.​​​​

You can currently register for the following workshops for the Winter Semester via our registration form:

How to get Research Funding from Industry (09-12/02/2021) (fully booked)

Date: 09-12/02/2021

Format: Online workshop via Zoom

Target group: Postdocs and junior group leaders.

Description Adding research funding from the private sector is a lucrative option that is not pursued by many researchers. One of the biggest reasons this option is overlooked is a lack of understanding about how companies function and how an academic researcher might bridge the culture differences to make useful connections. This workshop provides practical advice on how to identify and build valuable private sector research collaborations.

Topics include:

  • Private Sector Funding Overview
  • Academia vs industry and how to make connections to industry
  • Collaboration models and intellectual property
  • Industry project management basics
  • Your industry funding plan

Course format: The workshop consists of four webinars with individual learning time in between. The participants will be split in smaller groups and individual time slots will be assigned before.

Trainer: Dr. David Giltner developed photonics technologies in the private sector for more than 20 years. In 2017 he founded TurningScience to teach early scientists how to commercialize technology and build rewarding careers in the private sector. He is physicist by training and the author of the book Turning Science into Things People Need.

Dr. Philipp Gramlich is a chemist by training. He took part in and initiated industry-funded projects in academia- both as academic and as industry partner. In 2012, he co-founded NaturalScience.Careers, where he focuses on soft skills topics for researchers.

Virtual Presentation for Scientists (16/02/2021)

Date: 16/02/2021, 9.00-15.00

Format: Online workshop via Zoom

Description: Have you wondered what you can do better when presenting your research virtually, to ensure that you reach your audience? Are there aspects you can take from the “real-world” into the “virtual-world”?

This workshop will briefly summarize the do’s and don’ts of a good scientific presentation and to identify what you need to do differently when presenting virtually. The workshop start with a group setting, sharing valuable tips and insights. There will be an opportunity to receive first feedback from your peers on your presentation style. The workshop concludes with one-on-one presentation coaching, providing you with individual feedback.

Course format: The workshop consists of one online meeting. The selected participants need to prepare a 3-minute presentation.

Trainer: The workshop will be conducted by Viola K. Kraus, MA Organizational Psychology (Columbia University-TC). The trainer has worked with Academic staff (PIs, PostDocs & Phds) for the past 8 years to support them with their presentation style.

Excellence in International Networking, Teaming and Collaboration Skills (09-10/02/2021) (fully booked)

Date: 09-10/02/2021

Format: Online workshop via Zoom, following by an individually arranged 1-hour certification session via Zoom after the workshop

Description: Academic study and research offers many opportunities to professionally network - which are too often missed or under-utilised. This workshop and follow-up sessions will develop the required skills and habits to help build professional, collaborative connections and contribute to personal career success.

The programme is formatted to comply with current Covid-19 restrictions with an initial group workshop (maximum 8 participants) observing social distancing followed by smaller group sessions (maximum 4 participants) via Zoom and completing with individual, customised sessions (Zoom), arranged flexibly to suit each participant.

Core Skills covered:

  • Proactive “person-to-person” networking with peers at a conference and online
  • Developing a clear and effective compelling narrative
  • Adapting to various behaviour types and international/cultural demographics
  • Managing body language & dealing with nerves and anxiety
  • Assertive and respectful communication techniques
  • Optimizing non-verbal communication habits
  • Enhancing fluency of scientific English (for non-native speakers)
  • Developing practical & technical skills for web-based communications
  • Developing an engaging and credible online professional presence

Trainer: The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Paul Charlton who has over 20 years of relevant experience, now utilized in both designing and delivering the most useful content in a challenging, interactive and highly actionable format. For more details about Paul, please visit his linkedin profile.

Building and Managing your Research Group for Postdocs (22-24/02/2021) (fully booked)

Date: 22-24/02/2021

Format: Day 1&2: approx. 9.00-17.00, on-site workshop, City Center Campus, day 3: individual session, probably online

Target group: This workshop is designed for postdocs with at least two years of postdoc experience who do not have their own group yet, but are preparing for the next steps. Researchers who already have their own group can register for the course in January.

Description: The transition from postdoc to research group leader, from being a member of somebody else’s group to becoming a fully-fledged independent researcher is an exhilarating experience - but also very challenging.

This workshop offers practical advice and techniques for establishing an effective leadership style, identifying needs, setting goals and managing expectations, recruiting and developing research staff, reviewing progress and dealing with underperformance.

By participating in the workshop, you will be better equipped to:

  • Understand what makes an effective research leader and manager
  • Set out vision and direction for your research group
  • Relate short-term actions to longer-term strategies
  • Build a talented team with a variety of individual behaviours, experiences, attitudes and skills
  • Create a welcoming and invigorating research environment
  • Manage your resources effectively
  • Organise your time and workload to maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Establish yourself as a research leader at your institution and in your research field

What this course is not about: How to fund your research group.

Trainer: Dr. Thomas Koch is a research management consultant, certified business trainer and coach. Holding a PhD in physical chemistry from the UK, he has 11 years of international experience as a researcher throughout Europe. He also has 13 years of experience as a research manager and senior administrator delivering high-level support and advisory services for both researchers and university top management at the universities in Bochum (RUB) and Munich (LMU). In 2016, he started up his own consultancy Academic Futures to provide hands-on workshops and individual guidance for researchers to realise their research ideas and career objectives.

The Basics of Project Management for Researchers – Classical and Agile (02-03/03/2021) (fully booked)

Date: 02-03/03/2021, approx. 9.00-17.00

Format: On-site workshop, City Center Campus

Description: In this workshop, you will gain a practice-oriented introduction to the most important methods and tools in project management. You will learn how to professionally initiate, plan and monitor projects, as well as how you can motivate your team from the very beginning within the triangle of time, cost and quality. You will obtain valuable skills that will enable you, together with your team, to successfully tackle even complex tasks. We look at classical and agile methods and discuss the particularities of projects in the filed of research and development.

Trainer: The course will be conducted by Dr.-Ing. Katrin Schickhoff. Dr. Schickhoff is project management for experts, trainer and consultant for project management, communication and team leadership for project managers and executives since July 2000. She was project coordinator for several national programs in Germany and worked as acting partner with several institutions, corporations and ministries for research funding. She is a certified trainer for communication, sales and project management.

Career Paths in Academia: (Funding) Opportunities for Postdocs (18/03/2021) (available places)

Date: 18/03/2021, approx. 14.00-16.00

Format: Online workshop via Zoom

Target group: PhD Students in their final year and early-career postdocs (max. 2 years after PhD)

Description: It is well known that pursuing a career in academia can be tedious and many young researchers continue their career beyond a PhD without being aware of the career system. They are expected to raise third-party funds, but are not given any advice and training on how to apply for these funds.

In this workshop, you will get an overview of the largest funding organizations in Germany and the third party funding system, as well as general insights in the career paths at a university. The workshops aims at early career researchers and doctoral students who want to gain insight into the system and prepare for their first application in Germany.

What this workshop is not about: Applying for research funding groups & larger collaborative projects. If you are looking for more information for these formats, refer to our Postdoc101 series.

Trainer: The course will be conducted by Dr. Olga Malets and Dr. Pauline Popp from the TUM Talent Factory and National Funding Team of TUM ForTe. At TUM, the TUM Talent Factory is the central point of contact for young researchers who are planning to apply for third-party funding. We assist young researchers who are already working at TUM as well as focus on winning young talents over for a long-term career at TUM. Our services include the support of researchers who apply for funding and provision of information about opportunities and programs.

If you are a PhD student at TUM and member of the TUM Graduate School, please use this link to register for the workshop.

Professor wanted! How to Apply for Professorships (30-31/03/2021) (fully booked)

Date: 30-31/03/2021, approx. 9.00-17.00

Format: On-site workshop, City Center Campus

Target Group: Postdocs with at least 2 years of postdoc experience and Research Groups Leaders who are preparing to apply for professorships. If you want to obtain more general information about how to apply for professorships, we recommend you to take part in the Postdoc101 Online Talk "How to become a professor" on Jan. 27, 2021.

Description: Every scientist who decides to stay permanently in academia, sooner or later faces what is supposed to be career’s hardest challenge: Applying for full professorship. The workshop aims to give you insights in the application procedure – a procedure that is highly formalized but often lacks transparency and differs in many aspects from other application formats in academia. In this seminar, we deal with your written application as well as topic-related and strategic advice for your selection interview, application presentation and demonstration lecture. We focus on different aspects of the appointment procedures, such as typical and critical questions during the selection interview, potential snares during the demonstration lecture or ambivalent interests among the members of the audition committee. Moreover, we work on how to present yourself and your academic profile successfully and how to emphasize your particular expertise.

Trainer: Dr. Dieta Kuchenbrandt studied Psychology at the University of Greifswald, spent her postdoctoral years at the Center of Excellence in Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC, Bielefeld University), and was a visiting professor for Social Psychology at the University of Osnabrück. In addition, she completed a two-year training program in management consulting and coaching (Deutsche Psychologenakademie). Today, she is the co-owner of schainundkuchenbrandt, working as a trainer and coach dedicated to the interests and concerns of scientists in academia. Her work particularly focuses on career planning and applying for professorships. 

Career Development through Research Funding (29-30/04/2021) (fully booked)

Date: 29-30/04/2021

Format: Day 1: On-site workshop, 9.00-17.00, Day 2: Individual Coaching Session with each participant, Center Campus

Description: Researchers are increasingly faced with expectations to raise third-party funds if they want to pursue a successful research career. Yet, applying for third-party funds is not an end in itself and could even be detrimental to research careers, if disconnected from own scientific or life plans or scientific goals. This workshop, thus, aims to clarify which kinds of funding opportunities are suitable for the participants’ respective purposes.

In addition, it offers insights into the objectives and practices of research funding institutions and peer review procedures. During a second day, individual short coaching sessions will help the participants to pave their way towards successful applications in view of their needs and ambitions.

Trainer: The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Bärbel Elija BleherScholz CTC GmbH. She is full-time coordinator of an international Helmholtz Research School and has extensive experience in research and teaching. She also has a large expertise in research management and since many years applies and acquires third-party funds and acts as a reviewer for funding organizations.

Course Format: The first day is a group workshop. On the second day, you have the chance to discuss a topic of your choice during an individual coaching session.

Information regarding the Workshop & our Cancellation Rules

Regarding the registration form: Please make sure you add a motivational statement for each registration. The statement becomes crucial when the number of applicants exceeds the maximum number of participants that can take part in a course.

You need to use your TUM email address to register for a workshop. If you do not have a TUM email address (yet), please explain your situation in the motivation statement to ensure that you are eligible. Researchers who still join TUM during the next months with a position or fellowship can already register for workshops. Researchers who are not affiliated with TUM cannot take part in the workshops.

Workshop Registration & No Show: We invite professional external trainers for our workshops, who usually work with small groups of 8-12 postdocs. Since these workshops are quite expensive and many postdocs are interested in participating, we need participants to be fair and only accept their workshop spot if they are really able to participate in the full workshops. We often have a substantial amount of last-minute cancellations due to other commitments or participant who do not show up at all. This is not only frustrating for us and unfair for other postdocs, but may also reduce the funding we receive the conduct these workshops in future. Given the fact that dropouts due to disease or quarantine are likely during the winter semester, we would really ask you to make sure that participate in the respective workshop you have been selected for or cancel at least 10 days before the eventResearchers who do not show up for a workshop or cancel last minute are not able to participate in future workshops organized by the TUM Talent Factory.

If you are not sure whether you can spare 1-2 full days on a workshop, maybe the Postdoc101 Talk Series might be more suitable for you. The talk series will take place on most Wednesdays during the winter semester 2020-2021 between 4-6 pm. The program will be announced at the beginning of November.

Other workshops and offers for postdocs at TUM

Courses by the TUM Institute for Life Long Learning

In addition to the Postdoc Workshops, also take a look at the Leadership and Project Management courses offered by the newly founded TUM Institute for Life Long Learning

The TUM Institute for Life Long Learning regularly offers courses which are designed to provide researchers with concrete tools and techniques for academic leadership and effective research management. Furthermore, the courses give researchers the opportunity to learn about best practice examples and discuss any challenges they might experience in their daily work.

For more information, please contact Eva-Maria Knipfer.

Courses by the TUM University Library

Courses on Literature Research, Data Management, Academic Publishing, and Research Impact

The University Library supports you with a wide range of publishing and consultation services in such areas as research data management, citation, open access, and bibliometrics. Upcoming courses and webinars include:

Please register online to participate in one of the courses.

The Library’s training programme focuses on services, skills and techniques that will support researchers in their daily work. In compact courses, you will learn how to search literature efficiently, cite correctly, apply for open access funding, navigate publication procedures, manage research data sustainably and increase your research impact.

All dates and the complete course program is available on the Library’s website:
For more information, please contact the Library’s Information Literacy Team:

TUM Horizons

TUM horizons offers advanced training on personality development, project management, communication skills and intercultural communication.

Please note that the courses are only for the TUM employees, scholarship holders can usually not take part. In addition, you need to register for the courses immediately when the new program comes out at the beginning of the semester.

For updated information, please visit the following website.

Alumni & Career

TUM Global Dialogue Series

The TUM Liaison Officers in Beijing, Brussels, Mumbai, San Francisco, and São Paulo regularly organise event in their regions. The Dialogue Series provides an opportunity to learn more about TUM's dialogue with international cooperation partners.

Find out more about their programme on the website of the TUM Global & Alumni Office.

Join the TUM Community if you are leaving TUM

TUM connections all around the world: More than 81,000 TUM Alumni and current students in Germany and abroad are part of the TUM Community. Members of the worldwide network support and accompany each other from the beginning of their studies throughout all phases of life. Within the TUM Community the Women of TUM are a lively network that is growing rapidly and connects women across continents, generations, hierarchies and disciplines. Before leaving TUM, join the TUM Community to stay connected.

Additionally as a member of TUM or TUM Alumni you have access to extensive career services: Make use of career webinars about job hunting strategies, advice on your application documents and salary negotiations. You can have your CV and cover letter checked online or book an individual career counseling session. Find all the career offers here:

For updated information, please visit this website as well as this one.

Before leaving TUM, join the Network to stay connected.

Coaching for Female Researchers

Scientists at TUM can discuss individual concerns (e.g. career planning, work-life balance, etc.) with professional coaches in individual coaching sessions. Coaching enables the participants to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses for a professional and scientific career, to draw up a personal career plan or to test their own goals and motivation for executive functions. Individual coaching is currently offered online.

The offer is coordinated by TUM Equal Opportunity (TUM Chancengleichheit). You can find more information here. (

Researchers in Medicine can also take part in the KeCK mentoring of the Koordinierungsstelle für Chancengleichheit und Karriereplanung, Dean's Office of the Faculty of Medicine.

TUM Language Center

German Language Courses

The TUM Language Center provides German language courses for international fellows and offers intercultural communication courses and events to enhance intercultural discourse. They offer special courses for the TUM staff, which makes it also a great opportunity to meet other researchers at TUM.

For updated information and other languages offers, please visit this website.

English Writing Center

The English Writing Center offers free one-to-one consulting in English writing to all members of the TUM community. The Center is staffed by both professional language instructors and student Writing Fellows, all of whom are native (or near-native) English speakers. Contact them to develop long-term proficiency in English writing or to polish your papers in process!

For updated information, please visit the following webpage.

TUM IAS Wednesday Coffee Talks

The TUM Institute for Advanced Study regularly invites TUM scientists and their guests for coffee! Meet other scientists and listen to a short talk (10-15 mins) on a recent major TUM publication or issue. For updated information, please visit this website.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Wednesday Coffee Talks will be streamed online.