Partnership between TUM and KAUST

Opened in 2009, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is an international research university geared towards Masters and Doctoral students. It focuses on cutting-edge international research, engaging in a number of different partnerships with internationally recognized universities.

The only German university to be affiliated with KAUST, TUM signed an agreement in December 2008 for a five-year research cooperation with the university. The project management team, which is situated in the ForTe office, is responsible for communicating and coordinating project activities between those involved in the project, as well as for cash flow and financial controlling. KAUST funds three joint research projects with a total of 21 million US dollars, some being conducted in Munich and some in Saudi Arabia.

The three projects are involved in scientific supercomputing:

  • CO² sequestration: Mapping the dispersal of CO2 in underground storage. This is based on attempts at a permanent, underground storage system for carbon dioxide with simultaneously high-pressure oil reserves in oil wells that are nearly empty. This project was completed in 2012.
  • Virtual Arabia: 3D representation of Saudi Arabia, both the surface as well as the underlying geological structures.
  • High-Performance Visual Computing: Investigating and developing methods and software components for efficient, interactive data exploration and simulation management on supercomputers, as well as developing efficient software components and algorithms for broad-spectrum use – from heterogeneous systems to massive parallel systems. One application area lies in reservoir simulators or flow solvers developed at KAUST or collaboratively.

The fourth project is chemistry-related:

  • C2F: College of CO² Fixation: Here, research is being done on methods to redirect CO2 back into the cycle of materials as a valuable chemical component in manufacturing new raw materials and active substances.

Other activities and projects:

  • TUM-KAUST Catalysis Alliance
  • Joint Double Degree between TUM Graduate School and KAUST
  • Project “Expanding the Genetic Code for Design and Engineering of Biocatalysts 2010-2013”

We’d be happy to provide you with general information on KAUST as well as on information on the joint research cooperation.