Research funding at TUM

Today’s research and development lays the foundation for tomorrow’s new technological achievements. Research funding is an essential part of this. Without outside funding from the European Union, the German government and the states, many university-based research projects would not be feasible.

TUM ForTe – the functional unit for research funding and technology transfer – provides scientists and scholars with professional and comprehensive advice on issues of national and international research funding.

TUM ForTe’s monthly newsletter (TUM-user name required) provides you with information on current publications and funding programs from national and international research funding institutions.

National Funding Programs

The German Research Foundation’s (DFG) funding programs and the research funding provided by the German government are the pillars of national research funding in Germany. In addition, numerous other organizations and foundations are available for funding applications. The national research funding team offers an overview of national research funding opportunities and provides one-on-one advice and support when applying for funding.

International Funding

The international research funding team informs, advises and supports scholars and scientists in procuring European and international funding. We guide you through the application phase (e.g., establishing the consortium, finalizing your application) and advise you on strategic issues. We also regularly hold TUM informational events on current calls for proposals and funding programs.

TUM Talent Factory

Engagierte Nachwuchswissenschaftler/innen finden an der TUM ein Umfeld, in welchem sie ihre wissenschaftlichen Talente voll entfalten können. Die TUM Talent Factory richtet ihren Service zur Forschungsförderung daher direkt an Nachwuchswissenschaftler/innen der TUM und internationale Postdoktoranden, die ihr Forschungsprojekt an der TUM verwirklichen wollen.