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Ideas and inventions developed at TUM are at the heart of technological and social progress. TUM ForTe’s technology transfer office supports the industry in engaging with scientists and scholars from Technical University of Munich. Part of these activities includes commercializing ideas and inventions developed by TUM scientists and scholars. In most cases, these are implemented together in partnership with an exploitation partner that is able to further develop the integration of the new technology and/or translate this into a new product, procedure, service, process or tool. The TUM Patent and License Office actively markets around 100 technologies in several technological sectors and is responsible for negotiating contracts (confidentiality agreements, options and licensing and acquisition agreements, etc.) on behalf of TUM. Current technologies for commercialization can be viewed here. The TUM Patent and Licensing Office welcomes discussions with those interested in its services.

Technical University of Munich’s technology offers are available here:




    Hybrid OLTP & OLAP database system

Online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) have a number of different requirements when it comes to database systems. The hybrid system presented here, called HyPer, can process both OLTP and OLAP requests simultaneously, and can do so at transaction rates that have never before been achieved. In addition, consistent transaction backup archives can be generated at any time.
Date: 09/10/2010


    Converter for dynamic series and parallel circuits of individual modules

This invention involves a multi-level converter topology that allows individual converter modules to be operated dynamically in series and in parallel. This provides the opportunity to switch control of these modules depending on requirements: in series at high voltages, and in parallel at high currents. This means it is no longer necessary for converter systems to be so oversized. The size of the field covered at the current-voltage level is increased using the exact same dimensions, which automatically allows for flexible redundancy within the matrix.
Date: 01/24/2011


    Shaft power plant

This invention involves a hydroelectric power station entirely designed as an underwater shaft. This means no actual power plant buildings are needed, no construction interfering with bodies of water, there is no danger from flooding and no noise emissions.
Date: 04/04/2011


    Electronically selectable emergency trip

This invention involves an electronically selectable, primarily pyrotechnically operated emergency trip system that immediately separates skiers from their skis when they trip the device in the event of an emergency, for example in an avalanche. Additional ideas to optimize skiers’ safety is to combine pressing the emergency trip with an avalanche airbag being immediately triggered.
Date: 01/26/2010

    Powder coating mechanism for the processing of multiple materials in generative production processes

The dosing device is also suitable for very small grain sizes and therefore has a number of different possible applications. It expands the options for generative production processes, and can help avoid expensive precision balances in the food/pharma sectors.
Date: 05/19/2011





    2D analytical signal to analyze B-mode ultrasound and RF data

This invention involves ultrasound imaging. It presents a new method to improve the image quality of ultrasound images. This method is based on calculating the 2D analytical signal to convert from RF to B-mode images. It also allows for 2D analytical signals on existing B-mode images to be calculated to extract structural information. This invention can be applied to any ultrasound system.
Date: 05/19/2011

    Magnetic stimulation device to generate any pulse type

Non-invasive magnetic stimulation is a new technology used to stimulate nerve fibers and muscles. It is primarily used in rehabilitation for treated disabling or paralyzing diseases resulting from strokes. The advantage of magnetic stimulation over electrical stimulation are that magnetic stimulation can be performed without any direct skin contact, making it a completely pain-free process. However, current magnetic stimulation devices are only capable of delivering sinusoidal pulses over a short period of time. This invention uses new types of circuitry that enable any kinds of pulses to be generated. This significantly reduces production costs, and can significantly reduce power consumption.
Date: 01/03/2011


    Cooperative Pulses

Cooperative (COOP) pulses can be designed to compensate each other’s imperfections. In multi-scan experiments, COOP pulses can cancel undesired signal contributions complementing and generalizing phase cycles as well as difference spectroscopy. COOP pulses can also be applied at different times in a single scan. There, the performance demands compared to conventional approaches are significantly reduced for COOP pulses. Shorter and more efficient pulse sequences can therefore be provided using the COOP approach.
Date: 10/18/2010

    Hydrodynamic cavitation reactor

This invention offers a method to use fluid mechanics to increase the efficacy of chemical reaction processes and the processes of emulsification, dispersion or particle size reduction through improved mixing. This gives rise to efficient yet homogeneous cavitation outcomes in a reactor. Its construction means energy generated locally from oscillating and collapsing cavitation bubbles can be used for a long period of time across the entire product stream.
Date: 09/10/201010/18/2010