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European Patent Office Advanced Lecture Series on Food Technology

Four consecutive dates: 07.10. / 14.10. / 21.10. / 28.10. ; Lecture from 11:00 -12:00 each

„This advanced lecture series will provide participants with insights into the innovations shaping the food industry of the future, and reveal how IP strategy can lead to success. Participants will learn how patents can be used to protect inventions related to food technology, and will find out about some of the challenges in the patent granting process which are specific to the food industry.

Participants will come to understand how patents can protect a range of subject-matter (such as a product, process, device or non-medical/medical use) by preventing unauthorised commercial exploitation by third parties. They will also learn how patents can be used to attract investors, protect market share, cement technology partnerships and increase profits.

The four online lectures are an ideal opportunity for participants to interact with EPO experts, IP experts and inventors specialising in the field of food technology.”


Link: https://www.epo.org/learning/training/details.html?eventid=14032