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Workshop “From Idea to Patent” – Focus on Life Sciences (TUM and EPO Academy)

Live session on 30.09.2021, 09:30 – 12:45

This course has been specifically designed for researchers and innovators in new technologies and looks at the importance of patents as a source of information for research and new projects and as a means of protecting inventions. The focus is set on how to best protect and exploit the research results by raising awareness on Intellectual Property (IP) and what the benefits are to know more about IP.

You will have access to reading material, videos, examples as well as successful IP case studies on how university inventions turned into business.

In a live online session, you will have the opportunity to meet and put questions to an examiner

and an EPO patent documentation expert. The first presentation will illustrate the criteria which the European Patent Office applies when examining life science patent applications with a focus on novelty and inventive step. The second presentation will deepen the use of patent documentation by exploring the information that can be found in patents in your technical field.

Registration (until 27.09.2021): patent@tum.de