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Im monatlich erscheinenden Newsletter (TUM-Kennung erforderlich) von TUM ForTe informieren wir Sie über aktuelle Bekanntmachungen und Förderprogramme nationaler und internationaler Forschungsförderungseinrichtungen.

FAQ regarding implications of Covid-19 outbreak for current and future H2020 projects

The current Covid-19 outbreak and its consequences may also implicate current or future H2020 projects. If you have question about the implications for your running H2020 projects, such as cost implications, delayed reporting or an extension of the project duration, please check the FAQ website of the European Commission which was launched to help you with these matters.  For future Horizon 2020 calls with original deadlines between now and 15 April, the EC will apply extensions. The precise new deadlines for each call and topic will be published on the call and topic pages on the Funding and Tenders Portal. Depending on the evolvement of the situation, there might be more extensions also for calls with later deadlines. Please check the FAQ website regularly or contact Maria-Valerie Schegk from the TUM Brussels Liaison Office for more information.


Webinar: ERC Grant Application in Horizon Europe

December 08, 2020 | online

The “ERC Grant Application in Horizon Europe” webinar offers information on various aspects of the ERC Grant application process and gives an understanding of the requirements of ERC Grants as well as the TUM internal process for application. The webinar is aimed at everyone interested in submitting a proposal for an ERC Starting, Consolidator or Advanced Grant within Horizon Europe.

Please register here until 4 December 2020.

For further information, please contact Nadja Garchery, TUM ForTe - Office for Research and Innovation.

ERC Starting and Consolidator Grants 2021: Proposal Writing Workshop

January 18-21, 2021 | online

January 14, 19-21, 2021 | online

Great news: due to high demand, we are happy to announce a second workshop!

We are happy to announce the next Proposal Writing Workshop for ERC Starting Grant and Consolidator Grant applicants. Due to Corona, the Proposal Writing Workshop will be conducted remotely from January 18th to January 21st, 2021 (morning sessions). The second workshop will run mostly parallel on January 14th and January 19th to January 21st 2021.

Important information:

The ERC Proposal Writing workshop is a hands-on workshop. For your participation, and for the best preparation of the trainers, some preliminary work will be required from your side: We will need your ERC abstract (B1: Cover Page; up to 2.000 characters), CV (B1: Section b), funding history (B1: Funding ID), track record (B1: Section c) and answering a questionnaire regarding your proposal writing experience (details will follow).

Please register here until November 30th, 2020. Please keep in mind that slots are limited and will be given on a first come - first served basis!

For further information, please contact Katharina Hörst, TUM ForTe - Office for Research and Innovation.

ERC Starting Grants 2021: Individual Consultations (FULLY BOOKED)

03.02.2021-04.02.2021 I online

Individual consultation sessions for the 2021 call ERC Starting Grant (deadline expected on 09 March 2021) will take place on 03 and 04 February 2021. Applicants have the opportunity to discuss their draft proposals individually with experts from the NATIONAL CONTACT POINT ERC/KOWI. As the time slots are limited, they will be given on a first come - first serve basis. Please reserve a time slot via Email and we will contact you to arrange the precise time.

ERC Advanced Grants 2020: Individual Consultation

05. - 06. August 2020 | TUM Munich City Campus

Individual consultation sessions for the 2020 call ERC Advanced Grants (deadline 26.08.2020) will take place on 05. - 06. August 2020. Applicants have the opportunity to discuss their draft proposals individually with experts from the National Contact Point ERC/KOWI. Due to Corona, our NCP colleagues will join the consultations remotely. As the time slots are limited, they will be given on a first come - first serve basis. Please reserve a time slot via Email and we will contact you to arrange the precise time.​

International Workshop „Green Materials for Batteries in Horizon 2020“

19 February 2020, 10am to 5pm I Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy I Prinzregentenstraße 28, 80538 Munich

The Bavarian Research Alliance and Innovation Centre Denmark is inviting to a workshop especially addressing researchers specialized in battery technologies. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers from academia and industry from different regions and countries in Europe to develop joint proposals within Horizon 2020 Industrial Leadership calls with a special focus on battery technologies. 

The participation is free of charge. Please find further information and the registration (until 3 February 2020) here

Application seminar for the Horizon 2020 Health Programme

11 February 2020 I Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry I Kraeplinstr. 2-10, 80804 Munich

The National Contact Point Health is offering a one-day seminar in Munich on 11 February 2020 for applications within the Horizon 2020 programme “Health, demographic change and well-being” (with a deadline in April 2020). Coordinators and consortium partners are invited to participate and gain valuable tips and insights for a successful proposal.

The participation is free of charge. Registration is possible via the following link and ends on 04 February 2020: https://www.nks-lebenswissenschaften.de/de/2929.php


Themenvorschläge für Informationsveranstaltungen zu Horizon 2020 willkommen!

Wir organisieren regelmäßig Veranstaltungen, in denen wir zu verschiedenen Themenschwerpunkten rund um europäische Forschungsförderung informieren. Die Veranstaltungen sind je nach Zielgruppe und Nachfrage allgemeiner Natur, behandeln spezifische Themen oder haben Förderprogramme für bestimmte Fachbereiche zum Gegenstand. Bisher wurden beispielsweise Veranstaltungen zu Lebenswissenschaften, Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien und dem Instrument FET Open angeboten.

Gerne nehmen wir Anregungen und Themenvorschläge für zukünftige Veranstaltungen entgegen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie hierzu Dr. rer. nat. Katharina Hörst.

Aktuelle Ausschreibungen

Ausschreibungen auf der Seite der Europäischen Kommission

Eine Übersicht über alle Aufrufe in Horizon 2020 bietet das elektronische Funding & Tenders Portal. Mit der neuen Stichwortsuche lassen sich in den „Work Programmes“ passende Ausschreibungen zu eigenen Forschungsschwerpunkten finden.

Bei Interesse wenden Sie sich bitte an das Team der internationalen Forschungsförderung von TUM ForTe.