TUM Seed Fund

The central support of TUM for large research project proposals

The success in highly competitive funding programs such as coordinated programs of the German Research Foundation (DFG) or ERC Grants contribute significantly to TUM’s leading position in cutting-edge research on a national and international level. With the TUM Seed Fund, the TUM Board of Management supports professors who are preparing proposals with TUM as the lead coordinator/spokesperson.

TUM Seed Fund for the coordination of national research projects proposals

The TUM Seed Fund enables start-up financing and a reduction of the teaching load and can be applied for via TUM ForTe.Through the TUM Seed Fund, applicants receive the necessary support to prepare the respective project proposal as promisingly as possible.

Support is available for the application of the following DFG collaborative projects with TUM spokesperson:


The TUM Seed Fund can be applied for 12 months prior to the planned submission of an SFB initial proposal. Support for SFB continuation proposals and all other collaborative projects can be applied for 6 months prior to planned submission. The Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation decides on the application.

Please inform the National Research Funding team as early as possible about a planned application in order to ensure optimal support. Contact us at the central email address research-support@tum.de.

TUM Seed Fund for the preparation of ERC grants

If you wish to apply for financial support or a reduction in your teaching load in the form of a TUM Seed Fund, please contact the designated persons for ERCs in the International research funding team for further information on the application process. Please inform us as early as possible about your planned application to ensure optimal support.

TUM Seed Fund for the coordination of EU project proposals

If you wish to apply for financial support for the submission of an EU collaborative project with TUM as the coordinator, the contact persons for collaborative proposals in the International Research Support team are available for additional information regarding the application process. We kindly request that you inform us about your planned application as early as possible to ensure optimal assistance.